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VeganMoFo Begins Tonight, Midnight

So I’m launching this blog to see if I can keep up.

If I say corn, you say . . .

I can’t, but I’m not afraid of failure.

Let’s kick this off right.

Corn nuts!



  Epidiah wrote @

Okay, obviously this blog design ain’t that great for images, which is fine, because my camera doesn’t work and you really, really don’t want to see what I cook for myself.

  wherestherevolution wrote @

you can dooooo eeeee! (this is bazu by the way)

  jojo wrote @

Hell yeah, corn nuts! I miss corn nuts… why oh why do we not have them in England!

  Epidiah wrote @

I think it’s part of the Treat of Ghent that we get the corn nuts and you get the crumpets.

  Erica wrote @

How much can you really write about pasta with nooch and canned corn?

  Epidiah wrote @

We’re about to find out.

  veganf wrote @

Oh geez my son luurrves him some Corn Nuts. Crazy awful delicious things.

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