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At the Skipper’s Table

Before we dive any further into the VeganMoFo maelstrom, allow me to share a Skipper’s Pipe with you.

Yes, yes.

Quite right.

Hear, hear.


Very well then, as we relax in our armchairs, enjoying a fine pipe of licorice, let’s browse a few VeganMoFo curios.

Cake! Shae’s a 10-year-old vegan who’s already my hero for past adventures, but would have earned his seat in Veganhalla on the merits of this post alone. Baking an entire cake under the deadly salvo of his brother’s cups! I say!

A how-to guide for the hungry hitchhiking vegan. Of particular note, how not to be afraid of being vegan in front of strangers. I had similar experiences when I biked the Mississippi, but I certainly wasn’t nearly as prepared as Reno was. I often choose the pound of cure over the ounce of prevention. It’s my curse.

Minis. Not Ral Partha* or Reaper, but mini vegan Reubens, sliders, and at least one penis joke. What’s not to love? But wait, it’s from July? Fuck! The VeganMoFo blogroll lied to me. Well, I’m not going to let a perfectly good mini reference go to waste. So it stays. Speaking of minis, the other week I painted my D&D sorcerer, Antares. He’s pretty awesome. He’s got a cloak of stars and and a staff and . . .

* You don’ t know what a Ral Partha is, don’t you?

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