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It is entirely possible I’ve never had a buffalo wing before going vegan. I wasn’t the world’s most adventurous diner back then. Which is not unusual, lots of folks discover a much wider palette after going vegan.


Last night was not the first night I’ve had vegan buffalo wings.

Nor will it be the last night. But it was probably the first and last night I’ve ever take photos of it with my phone?

In any case, I’m a little hard up for a VeganMoFo today. So here’s you quarter-eaten vegan buffalo wing, complete with vegan ranch dip, supplied to yours truly by my friend Erica who either order more than she wanted or took pity on me. (I suspect the latter.)

I rather enjoyed the wingie. It was from a place that I’ve frequently disparaged on the Internet in the past. Their menu, it turns out, is something of a minefield. And though several people claimed to know the secret routes through, I still got the occasional limb blown off. It wasn’t until very recently that I’ve truly been able to navigate it safely. And the results were delightful.

Of course, now I feel a little guilty having had an opinion on the Internet, but I suspect we all should feel a little guilty for that.



  Erica wrote @

Eppy, if it’s on my plate – it’s as good as yours. They actually were delicious, but the BBQ ones were just as good, not overly fried and more than hit the spot.

  Epidiah wrote @

I’m craving some right now, actually.

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