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Coffee Is Vegan

If you asked me what’s the most important thing about veganism, that would be my answer.

Coffee is more than just warm, dirty water. It’s the best warm, dirty water nature has to offer. I know that’ll elicit controversy from the tea crowd, and I apologize, but sometimes we have to take a stand for the truth.

I do enjoy tea, and the incredible variety it brings. But tea is tea and coffee is God’s own brew.

I cannot, however, talk endlessly about either, for I am no connoisseur.  My palette welcomes all manner of coffee as long as it’s not flavored. Something about most flavored coffees just rubs me the wrong way.

Black, that’s the way to best enjoy it.

There was a point to this post, which has slipped away from me. I’m sure it’ll come back to me, but for now the takeaway point is that coffee is vegan.



  Epidiah wrote @

Perhaps it had something to do with pie. Cause at this moment, there’s nothing I think I would enjoy more than a warm cup of coffee and a slice of pie.

  Matt Wilson wrote @

I thought coffee came from bees.

  Epidiah wrote @

Oh no, you’re thinking of babies, actually. An all too common mistake.

  Mo wrote @

Warm, dirty water. Mmm. Appetizing! 🙂

You are absolutely hilarious, by the way.

  Epidiah wrote @

Thanks! I aim to please.

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