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A Way For the Cosmos to Know Itself

From the same talent that brought use “A Glorious Dawn“:

These fill me with such joy, not just for the content — though that on its own would be enough — but also for the medium. I love the texture of the voices, how their enthusiasm powers through the auto-tuner effect. I can’t wait to see more.



  john “Space Monkey” sullivan wrote @

This is Rad!
Wandered over here from the game master show. Bought Dread after hearing their live play. Sooo happy to find out you’re vegan too. Will be emailing you for a copy of time and temp very soon.

  Epidiah wrote @

It’s amazing isn’t it? And today’s Carl Sagan’s birthday. I’ve been listening to these things non-stop.

Also, always glad to meet a fellow vegan gamer. You ever make it out to GenCon? I’m considering organizing a vegan gamer meet up there next August.

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