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Catching Up on the MoFo

So, I’ve been in Western Massachusetts the past week. I ain’t bragging or nothing. Just letting you know why I haven’t been MoFo’ing in a while. By my count, I’m about five or six posts behind. Looks like you’re going to get a couple of these a day until I’ve caught up.

So here it is, three of my favorite vegan places to eat in Western Massachusetts.

First on the list is Cafe Evolution, my one-stop shop for Sheese, delicious pastries, toothsome meals, and just plain old enjoyable atmosphere. Also, a wide variety of seating options, including booths, chairs, stools and couches. Which is something more places need. And a Ms. Pac-Mac game, if I’m not mistake. Which is something every place needs.

Then there’s the Green Bean, which doesn’t seem to have a webpage.

In 2009.

No webpage.

It’s almost as if it doesn’t exist.

Okay, so here are some folks talking about it. I had their brunch, and loved it. Especially the corn cakes, so don’t believe everything you read on the Internet. Not everything’s vegan there, but what is vegan is clearly labeled. Very vegan friendly. Also, they have a tree of coffee mugs, which is quite charming. If they had a webpage, I’m sure I could find a picture of it that would swiftly illustrate why I love it. But they don’t, and I really don’t feel like typing the requisite thousand words said picture would be worth. So just go see for yourself.

And now for some sad news I didn’t know about until I started this post (otherwise I would have protected you, dear reader). My third entry is not long for this world.

Tofu A Go-Go is a wonderful little vegetarian place with mostly vegan options, which is surprisingly rare in the vegetarian world. Their Crack Tofu is as habit-forming as the name implies. Despite this, they’re disappearing at the end of the month. I suppose they’ll have to fill the vacant storefront with a methadone clinic. Tis a shame.


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