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Finite and Lonely

As long as John Boswell keeps making these, I’m going to keep posting them.

The highlight for me in this one has to be Dawkins’ line:

Matter flows from place to place,
And momentarily comes together to be you.
Some people find that thought disturbing.
I find the reality thrilling.


A Way For the Cosmos to Know Itself

From the same talent that brought use “A Glorious Dawn“:

These fill me with such joy, not just for the content — though that on its own would be enough — but also for the medium. I love the texture of the voices, how their enthusiasm powers through the auto-tuner effect. I can’t wait to see more.

Full Beyond Measure

Odds are you’ve seen these from a multitude of sources already. I know I have, but not a day has gone by since I first saw it that I don’t watch it.