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Full Beyond Measure

Odds are you’ve seen these from a multitude of sources already. I know I have, but not a day has gone by since I first saw it that I don’t watch it.


Time Chefs!

So, for the VeganMoFoes out there who don’t know me, I’m a gamer. Specifically one who roleplays. Dungeons & Dragons and all her descendants.

But it doesn’t stop there. Oh no! I also design roleplaying games. My latest being about temp workers who are hired to travel in time and make sure history happened the way it happened. It’s called, cleverly enough, Time & Temp.

This means two things when it comes to this post (beyond just a crass plug for my game).

Thing 1: I’ve been thinking about time travel a lot these days. Perhaps too much.

Thing 2: I attended GenCon this past August, where I got the chance to sit down with a bunch of Jeepers and talk shop over a bowl of Indonesia peanut sauté noodles (with grilled tofu).

We discussed a great many games and game ideas, but the one that is relevant right this minute, the one that required that whole boring ass intro you just read through was this: Time Chefs! Read the rest of this entry »