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Paladins for the Ethical Treatment of the Animate

Ethics get tricky when they’re imaginary.

Just for a moment, consider the lowly orc. There’s all manner of debate in the roleplaying crowds about whether or not it’s okay to fight them unless you are in imminent peril or there’s clear evidence they’re up to no good. Do you need just cause to kill an orc, or because orcs are considered by their very nature to be evil, is it cool to kill them on sight?

Paladin in Hell(Or is it even out and out racist to have a race of purely evil beings in your game to begin with. Though those who object to universally qualifying orcs as evil start to lose their objections when we swap orcs with the various sorts of undead, demons, or devils, who in our pseudo-Christian culture it’s downright kosher to think of as inherently evil. And they pretty much think it’s a-okay to do whatever you want to a Nazi soldier in your game, which raises all sort of questions about priorities when you stop to consider they’re the only folks on the list to have ever existed and are not by their inherent nature beings of evil. These, of course, are questions I won’t be addressing here.)

But D&D has far deeper ethical issue than who you take a sword to. Read the rest of this entry »


Sabra Cadabra

Feel so good, I feel so fine. Lovely little hummus always on my mind. I swear, there’s nothing in this world a tub of hummus can’t fix. In fact, it’s pretty amazing when you think about how long we’ve had this technology and we haven’t solved everything yet.

Oh well, there’s still time.

But It’s Cold!

I’m a comic fan who has fallen out of practice. I buy the occasional graphic novel or collected volume, but it’s been years since I’ve purchase a single issue. I definitely miss it. I miss having something to wait for each month. I miss the fact that when you only get a handful of new comics each month, you end up going over and over the same comics, and you really start to appreciate all the little things.

My friend Jim has managed to recapture this last bit in a blog called The Lone Panel, where you can appreciate comics in their atomic state.

Vegan With Strangers

SufferbusIn the summer of 2000, I went on a month long bike ride with a friend down the Mississippi. It was quite a feat. Many adventures were had, each and every day. Sometimes twice a day. I’ll probably talk about them more on this here blog when I’ve got  the time. Especially as the summer of 2010 approaches and I come to the horrifying realization that it’s been ten years since that trip.

But in the spirit of VeganMoFo, I want to talk a bit about what it was like being a vegan biking into the deepest South in ’00.

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I Wrote a Play!

It’s about Draculas!

So did a couple of my friends, about other monsters!

And now several of my friends are doing a production of said plays!

And you can attend! If you’re in the NYC are at the end of this month, that is.

Figment Theatre presents:

Monster Uprising!

A night of three original one-act plays featuring classic movie monsters

SPECIAL! This week only!

Buy your tickets with the promo code MUMMY and get 20% off your ticket price. Offer ends Saturday Oct 10th.

Buy your tickets today at

Featured plays:

Frankenstein vs Frankenstein vs Godzilla by James DiGiovanna

Raymond Carver’s Dracula by Epidiah Ravachol

Transylvania is for Lovers by Jason Ellis

Access Theater
380 Broadway, 4th Floor NYC
Tickets $20 in advance, $25 at door
Buy online

Show dates & times:
October 29,30,31 — 8PM
Nov 1 — 2PM
Nov 4,5,6,7  — 8PM
Nov 9 — 2PM

Join us on Halloween!  Any audience member wearing a costume gets a free treat!

There will be ASL interpretation for our Nov 6th Performance.

And if memory serves, there will be vegan baked goods for sale!

For more information and tickets visit


It is entirely possible I’ve never had a buffalo wing before going vegan. I wasn’t the world’s most adventurous diner back then. Which is not unusual, lots of folks discover a much wider palette after going vegan.


Last night was not the first night I’ve had vegan buffalo wings.

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Full Beyond Measure

Odds are you’ve seen these from a multitude of sources already. I know I have, but not a day has gone by since I first saw it that I don’t watch it.