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The Undeniable Duality of the Green Bean

Right, so in an effort to get back on track with VeganMoFo, I’m forcing myself to post before lunch. And I’m pretty fucking hungry, so this’ll be short and sweet.

Let’s talk about the green bean.

Oops, sorry. My fault.

I meant, “Let’s talk about the green bean.”

Though these two vegetables share the same origin, they’re about as different as any two vegetables can be. (Originally I was going to go with this whole pre- and post-black album Metallica metaphor, but I didn’t want to taint either of these noble foodstuffs with “The Unforgiven” and company.)

Despite this common origin, and their homophonic relationship, these are two very, very different foodstuffs. To swap them up in a recipe is to invite disaster into your kitchen. Read the rest of this entry »